“Million souls marching down ; where does it all have an end? Lonely minds get involved and
they’ve got nothing to demand...” an crucial eye on life and love mixed up with Kickin´Ass Rock´n
´Roll? Can it be possible?
„Hell, yeah!“ - Ass-some Andi, singer and bass player, will shoot back in a nutshell.
A personal claim on lyrics and music is one of the most important things to do for this Berlin related
threesome. Most often the band got the feeling that lyrics lie low behind overproduced Rock music.
The history of Black Math Generator is even longer then the name´s age. After a couple of rotations
inside, the band figured out their final constellation in early 2009 with Ass-some Andi, Dirk Diggler and Jens Simmons.
“Constant beats leads to the progress ,bound with the waste of a man. And now I carry the weight, the weight of a homeless mass...” - theirs first EP titled Black & Leathered released in
octobre 2009 as a premastered online release. In early 2010 the band will release the EP as regular
Bound to their idols the band combines classical Hard´n´Heavy like Black Sabbath, Stooges or
MC5 with contemporary bands like Hellacopters, Datsuns, Danko Jones or Nebula.
Being proud of the reached heights in the past, the band looking forward to writing new songs,
playing around with cool dudes in additional venues and getting blasted by the sound of the
underground. It´s up to you meet up with Black Math Generator cause “You choose your sinner on
the throne”.

Ass-some Andi: bass and vocals
Dirk Diggler: drums and vocals
Jens Simmons: guitar and vocals
2007 Demo
2008 Demo
2009 EP Black & Leathered