"According to me and for a long time now, Germany has understood what  R’n’R is and should be. It is clear that Scandinavia is today´s reference for most of the people, but those who love the visceral and dirty, we know that there are several bands in every German city or town that could teach us how to make Kick-Ass R’n’R or Speedrock almost without moving a hair.

Today I am presenting a Berlinese group called  Black Math Generator that of course follow the pattern I previously talked about. The songs are short and powerfull so common in the German school, taking from  Proto-Punk of the Stooges, the classics of the 70´s and the most visceral Punk from the States.

In these four songs that basically present them after a couple of previous demos, one finds some kind of vintage atmosphere that I like so much, stinking of classical Rock, but still played in a visceral and dirty way. The result is very creative, being love for engines and sharp guitars the common denominator.

An EP that foreshadows another band to take into account in the great German factory, maybe not as animal as their fellows Xox or  Nitrovolt, but still originals and capable of taking the best from the classic Rock and give it a personal and original touch. A delight for my ears." - http://capitainpoon.blogspot.com/2010/03/black-math-generator.html / translated by Maria Betegon