Dienstag, 9. März 2010


On Wednesday we´re goin' out to see our mates of X.O.X at White Trash Fastfood. For you folks, it will be a big hit that we will bring our first printed EP 'Back & Leathered' to this show.
Our arrangements for the Vans Tour are in full play and we´re really looking forward to april.

Before we hit the road, you have to visit our shows in dog city and have some sinful nights in town with the generator.

One of our most important show will be next saturday march 13th when we enter the stage of Kurt Lade Klub with X.O.X.

On march 19th we will kick ass Friedrichshain at Jugendclub Skandal with two upcoming bands from Berlin To Be Continued and We Will Fly. You will find this location at Gryphiusstr. 29 - 31 10245 Berlin. Five minute walk from Ostkreuz or 10 minutes from Warschauer Strasse.

The last show this month we farwell winter at Zosch with our friends from Cherrybomb. Check the guy´s myspace and come out to see this awesome band from Potsdam.

Stay tuned.
Sincerly your Generator

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